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Local Teen Upset to Discover His Friends Also had Sex with Teachers

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Local high school sophomore Ben Zimmerman had his world shattered after confiding a deep secret to two of his classmates.

“I just, I just couldn’t believe it,” sobbed the 10th grader. “I thought I was finally gonna be the cool one.”

The 15-year-old Zimmerman, who recently had an affair with 24-year-old chemistry teacher Brandy Smith, nervously recalled the tryst to Frank Rucker and Marcus Washington during a recent football practice.

“When I told Frank and Marcus, they just laughed at me,” recalls a scarred Zimmerman.

“We didn’t mean to embarrass [Zimmerman],” claim Rucker and Washington. In fact, the pair insist they are happy for their friend, but admit their excitement is tempered because “it’s kind of embarrassing to brag about having sex with just one teacher.”

Washington who “banged Ms. Smith in like 2nd quarter of 9th grade,” went so far as to say, “Honestly, if you’re not having sex with Principals, why even bother?”