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Does Loud Chewing Drive You Crazy? How to Stop the Biggest Pet Peeve

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What’s one of the biggest pet peeves you have? I bet we can guess. Is it loud eaters? Loud chewers? Loud eating and chewing? Yeah, we know. If it drives you as crazy as us, you’ll appreciate this.

Your coworker next to you smacking away with their mouth open? Or maybe your dinner companions have bad table manners. You can’t believe how loud they are. Haven’t they ever heard of being polite?

It’s difficult to tell someone they need to shut their mouth. You want to be polite and, even though they sound like a garbage disposal, you don’t want to offend them. Well, thankfully, there’s a simple way to let them know they’re annoying the jeebus out of you. We made a step by step guide just for you so you never have to listen to a loud chewer again.

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