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MA Courts Allow Fathers Right to ‘Reasonably Spank’ Children, And Spank Mothers ‘Just How Momma Likey’

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The Supreme Judicial Court said parents can discipline a child by spanking, as long as “reasonable” force is used and the child is not harmed. As far as the way consenting adults want to spank in the bed room, the court decided to stay clear and let Father’s swing away. One anonymous father said, “this is great, now it doesn’t matter if it’s my kid being naughty or my wife, they get the same punishment! Less confusing all around, I would say.”

One anonymous woman said, “I mean it’s great for the kids. No one wants to see children overly-harmed. But for me, I’m a bad little girl, so I’m glad my partner can spank me as hard as I want them to. It’s like a huge turn on… and of course an important decision in our legal system.”

One father was even seen outside the courthouse, spanking his child. No sooner than the first slap though, did he push his daughter off his lap, stare into the distance and cry uncontrollably.

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