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Mad Men Series Finale So Deep The Show’s Writers Don’t Understand It Either

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Mad Men Don Draper

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NEW YORK, NY – After 93 episodes, Mad Men is over.

The philandering, the day drinking, the momentary lapses in self-loathing that revealed beautiful glimpses of Americana – it’s all over.

And in true Mad Men form, it ended with an ad.

Also true to form, no one really knew what it meant.

If Don went back to work and created an iconic campaign is it good that his entire experience of breakdowns and existential wandering just led back to the office? What was the whole point of this show if he just ends up back where he started?

To find out, we spoke with one of the show’s writers, Whitt Dickman.

Farce Report: Happy ending, right? Don went back to NY, created the Coke ad, and took his career to new heights.

Whitt: Ohhhh, yea, that totally works.

Farce Report: Are you insinuating that’s not the meaning you envisioned?

Whitt: To be honest, our metaphors just kept getting deeper and deeper and we sorta lost track of what the show actually meant around season 4.

Farce Report: You don’t understand what you wrote for the show?

Whitt: Nope. But I dunno, it kinda works. People just assumed it was all really deep and kept giving us awards, so why change it?