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Man Admits Q-Bert Tattoo Does Not Stand The Test Of Time

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Man's arm with q-bert tattoo

(Photo by iStock / Pamela Moore)

Forty year old Dan “Grubby” Watson sits on the back of his truck and reflects on all of his tattoos. “I’ve got Godzilla, a Quiet Riot tattoo, four or five ex girlfriends names on here, but the one that really did not age well is Q-Bert.”

The limb could be looked at as an entire arm of regret, but Q-Bert is the one that confuses Dan the most. “I mean, I got swept up in the hype. I thought it was going to be as big, if not bigger than Pac Man. But I finally have to admit, it’s not going to happen. I don’t even play Q-Bert anymore.”

Current girlfriend Maxine, whose name is next to the obscure video game star on Dan’s bicep, thinks it’s unique. “I have no idea what that is,” Maxine stated. “But I think it’s kind of unique because no one else has it and ever will.”