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Man Complains Brooklyn’s Changed Since Moving Here Two Months Ago

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Source: Instagram @michaelpomalley; Shutterstock

While standing in line at a Starbucks in Williamsburg, Tad Nielson, a 32 year old computer programmer originally from New Jersey, proudly proclaimed that Brooklyn isn’t the same since he moved here, two months ago.

Pointing to a new condominium, Nielson reminded his friends, “Two months ago, people weren’t even living in there. That place didn’t even have windows. Now it’s filled with a bunch of wannabe New Yorkers who don’t even know what it used to be like here.” He then pointed across the street to an identical-looking condo, “I live over there, that place has been up for about a year so it’s got a lot of character.”

Nielson continued, “I remember a time when no one knew about this place,” he said as he walked into an organic juice bar that opened two days prior. “Now, it’s like the hot spot, everyone wants to come here. It’s just not the same anymore.”

After finishing his juice, Nielson stepped outside and put on his newly bought Mets cap, “This is exactly what happened to SoHo, so I heard.” He shrugged, “It’s better here though, still rough around the edges. We don’t even have a Whole Foods yet.” Nielson said as he walked passed a construction sight with a sign that read, “Whole Foods Coming Soon”.

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