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Man Confuses Wedding Anniversary With Fantasy Baseball Draft

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man walking into baseball fantasy draft with flowers

(Photo by Ben Horton/Getty Images for Microsoft)

As a complete surprise to his wife, Melinda, 30-year old Andrew Simpson returned home from work with flowers and candy last night. Melinda kissed him several times before noticing the Happy Anniversary card. She laughed it off and continue to hug Andrew, as he received several text messages from his fellow Fantasy Baseball League Members: “Where the F*ck Are you?” and “Get Ready To Lose An Eyebrow!”

The latter, in reference to the fantasy leagues custom of requiring the owner of the last place team to shave off an eyebrow at the end of the season. Andrew commented afterwards, “My team sucks so I’m completely screwed. I’ll be walking around with one eyebrow for awhile.” He went on to say, “I knew today was an important date. I just didn’t know it was THE important date.”

Thankfully, his wife Melinda is still just happy with any type of minimal romantic gesture and chalked up the Happy Anniversary card to Andrew’s odd sense of humor.