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Man Embraces Choice To Watch Cooking Shows Instead Of Working Out

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maneating popcorn while watching a cooking show

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Jim Travers made a bold choice, on the way out to his gym he decided to sit down and watch that obnoxious guy on the show “Diners, Drive Ins & Dives” and said to himself, that should be me.

Jim will never be a world class athlete, but he might end up having his own cooking show if he can just learn enough recipe’s and eat enough food. At least that’s what he’s telling himself. He cancelled his gym membership and bought himself a new couch with the money, in order to study all the cooking shows and learn how to became one of the famous out of shape hosts of the Food Network.

Of course, the cost of the couch limited his ability to buy any kind of cooking utensils or food that doesn’t come pre-packaged. Jim sees this as a small road block in what he figured will be a very successful career as a cooking show host.

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