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Man Mistakenly Signs Up for Zumba Class While Trying to Buy Vacuum

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“Zumba definitely does not suck!”


man confused to how he signed up for zumba

Credit: Milan Stojanovic/iStock; DRB Images, LLC/iStock

Local man Frederick Butler recently signed up for an aerobic dancing course while trying to purchase an automatic vacuum cleaner. Butler was sent to the Sears in his neighborhood with specific instructions from his wife Karen to purchase a Roomba vacuum cleaner, however Mr. Butler never made it to the store. Instead, he saw a flyer for $20 zumba classes on the windshield of his car, and– as he was only somewhat listening to his wife and didn’t feel like driving– ordered the courses online.

“This happens all the time! He never listens to anything I say,” complained Mrs. Butler. “Once I asked him to bring back fresh flowers and he brought home a dvd copy of Austin Powers. I think he must have a very specific learning disability.”

Her husband took a different position on the matter, saying “Karen’s only looking at the the negatives here. Is our house is dirty? Sure, but I’m down 5 pounds and I haven’t moved my hips like this since college!”

At press time Karen Butler was researching whether “spousal stupidity” qualified as a valid reason to file for divorce.

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