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Man on Diet Takes a Cheat Year

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“I earned it.”


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Area man Gerald Semson is in the middle of what he calls a “cheat year” after eating very healthy and exercising for the entirety of March 13, 2015. Semson, who is at risk for a number of serious health issues including heart disease and diabetes, claims to be serious about his weight loss, but doesn’t want to “shock the system by losing too many pounds too quick.”

“March 13 was really tough. I had a salad with almost no dressing and just like two or three croutons. Then for dinner I had chicken with some broccoli, but I peeled half of the chicken skin off too,” recalls an overwhelmed Semson, while unwrapping his second consecutive pack of zebra cakes.

“It just feels good to take ownership of my health for the first time in my life,” he continued, face smeared with low grade icing and sprinkles, “Just 196 days and then we’re back at it, full force!”

At press time, Semson was deciding which all you can eat buffet he would be attending for dinner this evening.

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