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Man Robs Woman With New Gunpoint App

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Man car jacks woman with iphone

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Police are still searching for suspects after last night’s robbery in Union Hill at virtual gunpoint.
Forty-two year old Abbie Stevens was driving home from her yoga class when she was approached by a man with a gun, or at least the image of one on an LCD screen.

“As soon as I saw the gun, I handed him my purse. It was just a reaction. But then I saw a text message pop up in front of the gun. I started to think I may have been duped.”

New York State Police say it’s the first time they’ve seen the App work on the streets. “It’s kind of unprecedented. We aren’t even sure it’s a crime. It’s literally like if someone showed you a picture of a gun and you handed over your wallet.”

Despite the comments, Ms. Steven makes no apologies. ”He had a picture of a gun and he wasn’t afraid to use it. I just wanted to cooperate and get home safe.”

She added,”The image was brilliant and realistic. It actually makes me want to get that larger iPhone, the plus? I thought it would be too big, but maybe not.”