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Man Stoned Enough to Believe He Invented Reese’s Cups

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“I’ve seen these before…”


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Area man Joseph Corbett was so high on marijuana late last night that he was convinced he was the inventor of the popular candy Reese’s Cups.

Friends of Corbett, who had gathered in his apartment to “record the first episode of a kick ass podcast that’s gonna be huge” but ended up just getting incredibly stoned, recalled the wild claims their friend began making.

“At around 3 am Joe came in from the kitchen with his eyes barely open. He kept throwing unwrapped Reese’s Cups at us and yelling ‘Look! Look what I made for you!’ It was pretty weird,” said Jessica, who withheld her last name because she told her life coach she would stop smoking pot.

Corbett, however, still maintained his role as creator of the famed peanut butter treat, even after sobering up.

“I know what the ganj told me. I don’t care what you or anyone else says. I don’t care that what I’m saying ‘can be easily dispelled by a google search.’ I felt it spiritually. I invented Kit Kats.” Corbett then took a hit of his Aqua Teen Hunger Force bong, exhaled and said “Wait, I mean Reese’s Pieces? Yeah, Reese’s Pieces — I made those.”

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