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Man’s Novelty T-Shirt Falls Flat at Cousin’s Funeral

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funeral with guy in a t-shirt

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At the McFarner Funeral Home in Rutland, Vermont, Jerry Haller experienced an eerie silence, and it wasn’t because his 36-year-old cousin was in a casket. “I thought I’d liven up the place,” Jerry told reporters. The unemployed 26-year-old aspiring app inventor had apparently surprised his family by coming to the funeral in a t-shirt, “It says FBI,” Jerry pointed at each letter as he read the words below them, “Female. Body. Inspector. I guess it’s something more for the beach, not a funeral,” he shrugged, “Just thought it’d be funny because the FBI were the ones to find Karen’s body.”

Friends and family were not amused by Jerry’s antics. “He’s always been sort of the black sheep of our family,” his mother recalled between immense fits of sobbing, “even if he is an only child.”

For Jerry, his insensitivity did not falter, even after his aunt begged him to leave. “My cousin Karen and I were super close and we saw each other at least every other Christmas. I think she would have appreciated some humor on such a sad day,” he shouted over the priest’s sermon. Karen declined to comment.