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Massive Flaw in Bernie Sanders Campaign: He’s Not a Woman

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Democrats are coming around to Bernie Sanders. The 73 year old junior United States Senator from Vermont recently announced his intentions to run for President of the United States in 2016. An underdog only months ago, Sanders has picked up momentum and is currently seeing a surge in popularity with 1,100 people attending a speech in Iowa, some who drove over 50 miles to see him.

While this is a great news for the Bernie Sanders campaign, there is one massive flaw that has recently been revealed about the Democrat. He’s not a woman.

That’s right, you heard it here first, Bernie Sanders is 100% male. This is a big blow to the campaign as many Democrats have already fixated their attention to Hilary Clinton, who’s most notable claim to the White House is being a woman.

Many Democrats, however, are still undecided. “It’s a tough decision,” said one Democrat out the window of her Prius, “On one hand, you have a highly experienced politician who opposed the Iraq war, opposed TPP, has supported gay marriage for over 15 years, wants to reform student debt, is on the fighting end of veteran affairs, and is not afraid to get tough with Wall Street. But on the other hand, wouldn’t a woman president be so cool?”

It’s going to be a tough race for Bernie Sanders. Our suggestion? Sex-change. If there’s one thing Democrats would love more than a woman president would be a transgender president. Guaranteed win.

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