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Mcafee Will be Impossible to Uninstall from Presidential Race

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screenshot from john mcafee presidential announcement

Source: YouTube @Mcafee 16

John Mcafee, the developer of ubiquitous anti-virus software, announced he will be running for President in 2016 and, early reports indicate, he will be impossible to uninstall from the race.

Mcafee’s campaign strategy is a unique one. Rather than hold his own events, he plans to incessantly show up at the rallies and meetings of other candidates and will continue to do so, no matter how many times his opponents attempt to delete him.

Top Hillary Clinton aides have complained that Mcafee “just keeps popping up out of nowhere and asking if we want to extend our free trial of his campaign. We didn’t even realize we signed up for a free trial. Honestly, we’re not even sure what he does.”

While most other presidential hopefuls were annoyed at Mcafee’s presence, Ted Cruz was just confused about who he was, until someone explained to Cruz what computers are.

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