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Meet Gingy: The Worlds Lamest Gorilla Who Barely Knows Sign Language

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Zoologists around the world are underwhelmed by the latest animal celebrity, Gingy. This 259 pound gorilla is blowing no one away with its obvious interest in food and trees.

At four foot nine inches, Gingy is quite the uninteresting animal. Most of its day is spent sitting while, at other times, Gingy enjoys moving from one end of the room to another to sit.

Once, Gingy was taught sign language, and the thick-skulled animal learned one word: motorcycle. After which it refused to stay with the zoologists it was working with and instead, put a bucket over its head and fell asleep.

We grabbed this exclusive interview with Gingy using an expert zoologist signer.

Farce: Hello Gingy, how are you today.

Gingy: Motorcycle.

Farce: Can you tell us what you like to do with your day?

Gingy: Motorcycle.

Farce: What’s your favorite food?

Gingy: Motorcycle.

Farce: Do you have any opinion on the socio-economic effects of zoos and humans? Does it intensify a lack of respect for other animals, or do you believe it has the potential to widen an unassuming humans view on the vastness of our world and its species?

Gingy: Motorcycle.

Farce: If you had one mode of transportation, what would it be?

Gingy: Motorcycle.

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