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Men’s Rights Activist has “Definitely, for Sure” Touched a Lady’s Parts

Jun 15, 2015 at 10:06 am |

mens rights activist

(Photo by iStock / PeopleImages)

In the dining hall of Baltimore County Community College, 21 year old men’s rights activist Tyler Ward — better known by his Reddit handle, SexHaver40 — reported to a group of friends that he had “definitely, for sure touched a woman’s vaginas [sic].”

Ward, who runs two websites and a message board dedicated to “curbing the dangerous expansion of feminism,” was adamant about the sheer amount of sex he’s had, as recently as the night before.

“They have sex with me because they understand they are inferior and respect my authority as a man,” Ward said as nacho cheese dribbled down his second and third chin.

When pressed about the specifics of what sex felt like, Ward readjusted his sideways baseball cap and described it as feeling “very cool and nice.” He also noted that all the women he’s had sex with said his “dong” was “hella big.” Ward then left the dining hall alone. His friends went home to their girlfriends, whom they treat with love and respect.

Anti-feminist claims sexy times abundant and “very cool.”

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