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Millions of Americans Agree “Trump Deserves to Get Roughed Up”

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Credit: Scott Olson/Getty

While speaking to the hosts of Fox News Sunday this weekend, Donald Trump suggested that a Black Lives Matter Protester who appeared to have been assaulted at one of Trump’s rallies “maybe deserved to be roughed up.” Trump, who recently posted an inaccurate infographic about the murder rate amongst Blacks in America from a Neo-Nazi on twitter, went on to justify the actions of his supporters and security staff by saying that the man they beat and kicked “was a very obnoxious guy.” And here’s where Donald Trump might actually be onto something. Maybe it is time to start “roughing up” obnoxious people. And, if that’s the case, why not start with the Donald himself?

He’s obscenely rich, thanks in large part to the help of a million dollar loan from his daddy, is an egomaniac who stamps his name on literally everything he can, and has, somehow, become a legitimate presidential candidate by saying racist, sexist, and insane thing after racist, sexist, and insane thing.

Think about how great it would be to just slap Donald Trump across his weird, leathery face. Think of the orange flakes that would fly off of his cheeks and how fun it would be to watch his stringy, golden hair fall out of place to reveal a giant bald spot, perfect for hocking a loogie on to.

Think of the stupid expressions Donald Trump’s face would make while getting punched in the stomach? If we’re gonna start beating up obnoxious people, it might as well be a former reality TV Star, who’s said terrible things about immigrants “taking American jobs” and, yet, has his own line of menswear made in sweatshops outside of the U.S.

Most of all though, Donald Trump deserves to be roughed up because your racist uncle is going to be extra unbearable this Thanksgiving, and it’s mostly Trump’s fault.

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