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Missouri Approves Transgender Bathroom Rights For Whites Only

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Because Missouri is still a pretty f*cked up place.


two transgender gay men on street

Credit: FEDERICO PARRA/Getty Images

Following the backlash caused by Lila Perry, a transgender student that was allowed access to the girl’s restroom at her Hillsboro high school, Missouri has extended bathrooms rights to all transgendered whites, statewide.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon released a statement explaining the decision, an excerpt of which you can find below:

“Though we don’t agree with their sinful and unnatural lifestyle, we want the white members of Missouri’s trans community to still feel some of the white privilege that is their birthright.

“We are willing to make concessions on the natural order of the sexes, but not the natural order of the races. There the white man shall remain at the top.”

When reached for comment, Lila Perry’s parents said they didn’t care how their daughter identified her gender, as long as she didn’t date any black guys, trans or otherwise.

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