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Model with Down Syndrome Also Modeled with Highest IQ at Fashion Week

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“These girls are straight-up dumb.”

(Photo by Instagram / Madeline Stuart)

Photo by Instagram / Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart recently announced that she will be walking the catwalk in September during New York’s Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week. What’s so great about that? Madeline Stuart has down syndrome, and will be the first model with such a condition to present fashion on a New York runway. Even more amazing, Stuart has the highest IQ of any of the other models.

Out of many of the hundreds of models featured in September, Stuart is far and beyond any of their intellect. And out of the models Stuart has met, she’s confided with the Farce Report that most barely know what day it is, let alone the year. “They just keep asking for coke. One model tried to lick a picture of an ice cream cone and later said, ‘this flavor must be paper’ before trying to make herself throw up.”

No doubt Stuart is second-guessing her career choices. “I just never realized how many mentally disabled people worked in this industry. I guess I thought I was making strides, but maybe I should have been a doctor instead.”

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