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Mom Annoys Son by Pocket, Regular Dialing

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mom on phone with son

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Area man Joe Lawrence was reportedly agitated after receiving a series of pocket dials from his mother around lunch time today. Worse yet, at around 5 pm, the software developer’s mother called him on purpose.

“The accidental calls were one thing, but that last one–” Lawrence said before staring off into the distance for fifteen seconds and sighing, “she called me to tell me my cousin bought a new dress. I’m not exaggerating she was just describing a new dress my cousin bought for like 10 straight minutes.”

Lawrence, who spent the majority of the call playing Halo 2 and periodically saying “uh huh” and “no way, really?” into the phone, was then forced to describe his own life to his mother, despite the fact that they had very recently spoken.

“I had to make up a fake girlfriend. I figure I’ll just tell her we broke up before Thanksgiving. Until then, it gives me something to talk to her about.”

At press time, Lawrence was sending his mother’s third consecutive call to voicemail and was already planning on an apology text blaming “poor reception” on his inability to pick up.

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