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Mom Convinced it’s The Computer That’s Stupid

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“Where’s the button to do that…e-mail thing?”


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Sarah Robertson, a 52-year-old mother of 3, has been having trouble with her email. “I’m trying to sign in, but it’s not letting me sign in,” she told her 16-year-old son, Kevin, who is light years ahead of Sarah when it comes to any technological question. “It’s this stupid computer,” she then stated.

Kevin immediately was able to sign into his Mom’s email then left her to read through the nine messages she’s received from the previous week. One, from her sister in Rochester, told her to view ‘this hilarious video.’ “I don’t see it,” Sarah complained. “Where’s the video. Kevin! How am I supposed to view this video when this stupid computer won’t load anything?”

Kevin clicked the YouTube link and the video started. “Oh, I see.” said Sarah, “I hate this stupid computer.”

“Yeah,” Kevin said as he walked back to his room, “It’s the computer that’s stupid.”