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Mount McKinley Becomes First Transgender Mountain

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Peak says, “I’ve always felt like a woman inside.”


Mount McKinley in Denali Alaska

Credit: Mike Powell/Getty Images Sport

DENALI NATIONAL PARK, ALASKA – The mountain was named “Denali” by Alaskan natives, but was renamed “Mount McKinley”, after President William McKinley, in 1917. This nearly hundred-year span has been a struggle for the mountain, and it has always known the name didn’t feel right.

“I’ve always considered myself Denali. It’s a name that says “Diva.” You know, like Cher and Madonna? I’ve always been Denali on the inside,” the mountain explained. “I would dress up like Mount McKinley, keep up appearances and be professional. But the whole thing is a lie. I am Denali.”

So why make this change after nearly a hundred years? It seems that a reality TV show by National Geographic about the life of Mount McKinley initiated to the decision. A producer for Nat Geo says, “We support Denali 100% and think that telling the story will help other mountains all over the world. Denali is truly a trailblazer.”

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