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MTV To Change Name To TMTV: Teen Mom TV

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‘M’ changes from Music to Mom.


(Photo by iStock / choja)

(Photo by iStock / choja

It has been years since MTV has played music and it’s barely been television as we used to know it. Beginning with The Real World to Flavor Of Love to Jersey Shore, the network has changed formats according to the current reality television craze.

Currently almost all of MTV’s shows have either had Teen or Mom in the title, MTV’s new plan is to change the name of the station during each phase. (For instance Girlcode TV in the summer, Catfish TV in the winter.) Just run each program over and over again into the ground until viewers are sick of it and then are ready to watch some new reality garbage. Do I smell a new channel, Reality Garbage TV? Definitely.

TMTV’s plans will last as long as humanly possible, or until a new generation of garbage teens come and want something even worse.

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