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Muslim Clerics Ask, “Muhammad who?” After Seeing Breasts

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“Wowza! Look at those Ka-Jungas!”


muslim clerics look at a topless FEMEN protestor

Source: Twitter @FRANCE24

Abid Mahir, a Muslim cleric who was interrupted by topless Femen protesters during an event in Paris asked reporters “Muhammad who?” after seeing the two young women’s breasts, on Sunday.

“Wait this is what we’re saying women have to put away?” the furious cleric continued to question reporters, while sporting a noticeable erection under his robes.

“Dude, those were awesome. I’ve only seen my wife’s and, let’s just say I’ve been eating a lot of pancakes, if you catch my drift,” the cleric continued before winking and shouting “she’s got flapjack titties.”

Mahir has vowed to completely change his life after coming face to face with four pretty decent knockers.

In just a few short days, he has completely shaved his beard, except for a small soul patch under his bottom lip, and plans to grow his hair out into a balding pony tail.

At press time, Mahir was applying to serve as the house DJ at a Paris strip club.

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