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Muslim Extremist Calls Carson “Most Bombable” Presidential Candidate

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Muslim and Ben Carson

Credit: FBI (L); Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (R)

Muslim Extremists declared Ben Carson the “most bombable” presidential candidate yesterday, following the neurosurgeon turned politician’s comments regarding a Muslim serving as president of the United States.

Bokhtar Melbokhtar, a leading figure in the Al Qaeda organization of Southern Afghanistan, was personally insulted that Carson said he “would not advocate putting a muslim in charge” of America.

“You put George W. Bush in charge of America! It’s one thing to attack our people with bombs, it’s one thing to call us evil and denigrate our way of life, but to say you wouldn’t trust us when you put an ex-coke head, frat boy who’s dad got him the job in the White House — that’s just hurtful.”

Melbokhtar also said it was a shame Carson had to insult Muslims in this way because he believes the two might have been friends otherwise, since they share a lot of common ground when it comes to the way they think women and gays should be treated.

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