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Naked Juice Exec Admits They Just Use Water From Dirty Fish Tanks

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(Photo by Creative Commons)

(Photo by Creative Commons)

Juicing is the hottest new health craze and Naked is one of the top brands with top selling products like ‘Green Machine,’ and ‘Berry Blast.’ But where does it all come from? No one really knows until now.

After a three martini lunch at a local manhattan restaurant, Naked Execs were overheard saying, “If people only knew all the these juices were bottled from my old fish tank. I just let it sit there for a few months. Don’t do anything to it, let it get nice and green. People think green is healthy.”

When asked about the safety of these juices, the executives immediately closed their tab and left. If this is true, it leaves us to horrified to wonder what is really in the Red Machine Juice, or the one called “Protein Zone?”

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