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National Dog Day Celebrates Sad Couples Who Can’t Have Kids

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couple kissing a yellow dog

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Today is National Dog Day, a day to celebrate all the sad couples who can’t have children and put an unnecessary amount of love and affection toward a dumb animal.

The holiday originated as a way for couples who love to kid themselves. Dogs being the center of attention. Adorned in child-like costumes to disguise their owners sadness, the dogs understand how depressing their owners lives are even more than the owners themselves.

“We just love our Mr. Pickles,” one barren woman said with a pug. “His Dad and me- we call ourselves Mom and Dad- can’t wait to celebrate National Dog Day and let all our friends on social media know how happy we are.”

“They mean desperate,” said one psychologist. “Often infertile couples who own dogs confuse happiness for a dark abyss inside their hearts that no animal can save them from.”

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