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NBA Draft Pick Tells Mom To Go Mow The Lawn Herself

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(Photo by Getty / Andy Lyons)

Justise Winslow was the 10th pick in the NBA draft on Thursday. On Friday, when his 52 year old mother asked him to mow the lawn, he said under his breath, “That’ll be the day.” Mrs. Winslow then gave her son an ultimatum, either mow the lawn or he would be getting a spanking.

“I simply told her that hitting children for discipline is looked down upon in today’s society,” Justise said. “Unless she wants end up on TMZ she better mow the lawn herself. I’m going pro! I got F-You money! I’m not mowing the lawn today or ever again!”

Justise was overheard telling his mother that she better lighten up or her season tickets would be in the “nosebleed section,” before handing her a a pair of pruning shears. His mother, a paraplegic, rolled into the garage to try and start the lawnmower, “What’s a mom to do? I’d hate to sit in the nosebleed section.”

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