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Never Worn Button Down Shirt Survives Third Consecutive Move Because, “You Never Know”

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A never-worn button down shirt survived a third consecutive move Wednesday night, because, as owner Jason Pack commented, “you never know.”

Pack, who purchased the shirt in a size medium 4 years ago despite the fact that he wears a large, told reports that he was “planning on losing a little weight anyway,” and “one shirt doesn’t really take up that much space.”

In addition to “because you never know,” Pack ultimately decided to keep the garment for reasons ranging from “It really is a nice shirt,” to “it doesn’t fit perfectly but if all the other button downs were dirty then I could wear this one with a jacket or something.”

Pack was last seen hiding the garment in the bottom of his suitcase so that his girlfriend, who believes the shirt was donated to goodwill 8 months ago, does not see it.