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New Drug Can Attack Alzheimer’s at Root, but Scientists Forgot How Exactly…

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“We were researching something…”

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Scientists at Eli Lilly & Company had gathered new research that is getting us closer to preventing Alzheimer’s, a condition that burdens over 5 million Americans. Unfortunately, the research they claim will help lead the way in finding a cure for Alzhermer’s has been misplaced.

“I swear, I put it right here,” said lead scientist Angela Moricune, “I went to go grab something in the other room, but forgot what that was, so I came back here to get the research papers and they were gone,” she said in an interview.

When we inquired with Moricune’s assistant Brock Gallant, he asked, “What research papers? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Gallant was clearly disgruntled as he searched for his glasses, which were on his head.

Only time will tell if Eli Lilly & Company along with other pharmaceutical companies can help prevent Alzheimer’s, in the mean time, everyone, including reporters like me need to… need to… what was I writing about again?