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New Study: Hotel Rooms Still Disgusting

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(Photo by iStock / Jeff_Hu / smuay)

Photo by iStock / Jeff_Hu / smuay

Spray as much lysol and bleach as you want. Your hotel room is still dirty. Every night a different stranger or group of strangers has either slept or done much, much worse things in the bed you are about to sleep in. Strangers have sneezed, done weird things to your hangers, sat in all the chairs naked, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

A new study released says that no matter how much cleaning the maid does, your room is still filthy. Very filthy. “In fact,” said Dr. George Calyer, researcher at Penn State University said, “There are many other places that it would actually be cleaner for you to sleep in on your next trip. For example, a dumpster. Or, how about atop a dead body behind an alleyway. Better yet, a house made of deadbodies and a water bed filled with vomit. That would be better than sleeping in a filthy hotel.”

Jeb Foucult, manager of a Motel 6 refuted the report. “That’s silly? Our rooms dirty?” he asked as he pulled a hangnail from his thumb and threw it on the floor. “I personally see to it that every room has Febreeze sprayed on the sheets at least once a month. “Dirty my butt!”

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