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New Study: Majority of 15 Year Old Girls “Can’t Even Right Now”

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A new study has been released by Harvard University revealing that the majority of 15 year old girls, “Can’t even right now.” The second largest percentage of girls were, “So whatever,” and the smallest group of girls were, “Like, I mean…”

The study polled over 12,000 15 year old girls asking them several questions such as, “What’s up?” and “How are you?” Over 9,000 of those girls “couldn’t even,” while the other 3,000 shared mixed responses with almost 500 not answering at all and just rolling their eyes. It was found out that the majority of the “Can’t even right now,” girls either had their eyes on their phone or were so far rolled back in their head that they lost their balance while answering.

The study also revealed what most people have already surmised: that 15 year old girls, in terms even they can understand, are the worst.

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