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New Study Reveals the Appropriate Amount of Dates Before You Can Fart In Front of Girlfriend

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A new study conducted by researchers at Harvard University has evaluated thousands of men to determine the best tactics for a long-lasting relationship. The study lasted over 10 years and just has recently began to reveal its amazing discoveries. The researches have even claimed that by following the results they’ve found, you can guarantee to keep a girlfriend and make her a more satisfied woman.

The results tracked different aspects of the relationship including how to talk to a date, how to listen appropriately, and how to impress a date so that they’ll want to date you again. One of the most important discoveries of the research was finding how many dates a man needs to go on before he can pass gas in front of the woman. This was one of their biggest areas of concentration, as most men have no idea.

“I’m a big farter,” said head researcher Carl Delafine. “I can’t help it, I’ve tried everything from giving up dairy to eating only grass. Straight grass. Nothing helps, it’s like a broken muffler on a car. While the research grant insisted we cover a lot of different aspects of relationships, this was the part I was really excited about.”

To complete the test, Delafine had men go on several dates with different women, waiting for the appropriate date to really let one rip. Some cut it right when they met the woman while others waited long into the relationship. What Delafine discovered was there was a direct correlation to how long you waited and to how long that woman might stick around. “Most men who passed gas, and in some cases farted, on the first date, didn’t tend to see that girl again. While men who took their time with their flatulence, really saw some amazing improvements.”

And the magic number for dates before you can pass gas? 10.

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