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New Study Shows 64% Of Americans Are Trying To Feel Something, Anything

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These Americans really wish they had something, anything, going for them.(Photo by Thomas Fricilone)

A new study taken by the Harvard School of Psychology asked over 500,000 Americans about their personal aspirations, and what they found was astounding.

The majority of Americans do not have goals, dreams, or any kind of drive. In fact, most are desperate just to feel something, anything.

The study originally started because civilians kept aimlessly wandering into the facility, shrugging at the suggestion that they may be lost. When asked simple questions, like “How are you feeling today?” and “What would you like from life?” most subjects looked confused by the questions, and suggested checking Tumblr for the answer.

“Even delivering small electric shocks to their skin provided no emotional or physical reaction,” said lead scientist Dr. Silvia Amero. “Most just hoped it was their phones vibrating.”

The recent discovery has sent engineers and scientists alike to the drawing board after a high number of patients admitted that their biggest dream would be a pill that could allow them to sleep forever.