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Newly Divorced Man Decided Enough Time has Passed to Stop Pretending He’s Upset About Divorce

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Joe Trigliana dropped the first handful of boxes in his one bedroom apartment on the south-side of Chicago and smirked. After being “chained” to his newly divorced wife, Tricia, for over 32 years, he’s finally free.

While Joe did his best to look upset during the original argument that spurred the divorce (concerning an unraveled garden hose), during the few months of negotiations with lawyers, and even while packing his few neon beer signs in the basement, he had secretly been celebrating in his head every second of the process.

Now that Joe is living on his own (with 3 roommates, of course), he can finally smile like the giddy schoolboy he feels like on the inside. “I’m going to take some acting classes. Maybe even bust out the old guitar and finally finish that country folk record I always wanted to record.