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Large Population of NES Users Still Think Blowing Into Things Fixes Them

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New studies show a large population of males between the age of 25 and 35 still believe blowing into things fixes them. The phenomenon arose in the late 80s to early 90s when Nintendo’s NES was the most popular gaming console, and blowing into the game cartridges somehow, miraculously, made them work.

Here at Farce, we didn’t believe it, are men that dumb? We did some of our own investigating, and it turns out, yes, yes men are.

Nintendo NES

We took photos of several men in our office trying to fix things, you won’t believe what we saw.

Blowing Into a Printer

blowing into a printer

Look at this joke of a man! Printer failure or employee failure? Does he really think this will fix whatever problem that printer is giving him? Get real, joker!

Blowing Into a Phone

blowing into a phone

How many phones does this dude have anyway? Why would blowing into one do anything but get his spit on it?