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No-Face Day in China Makes Chinese People Look All the Same

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no face day

(Photo by Twitter / @robaeprice)

Don’t you just hate giving that fake smile to customers you’d rather stab in the stomach with a sharpened pencil? In China, where everyone wants to do that, one company has implemented a No-Face Day where employees are allowed to wear masks to hide their uncontrollable rage for customers.

While employees may enjoy participating, customers are displeased. “It’s tough, you know? Now, all these people’s faces look the same. I start talking to one employee, turn around and I’m not sure if it’s the same person,” said one American tourist. “Their eyes, noses, even their mouths all look alike, how am I expected to tell them apart when they’re wearing masks?”

However, employees embraced the day, “Everyone says I look like my sister and my mother and my son and my wife. Finally, I can have one day without any comparisons of my face to another,” said Derek Yáng senior manager of a company that makes tiny coffee mugs for hamsters. He added, “Though all our bodies are quite similar too,” before walking away with his head low.