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North Korea Releases Totally Not Photoshopped Nuclear Rocket

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kim jong un and his nuclear weapons

Credit: AFP/Getty; Shutterstock

Kim Jung-un recently said that North Korea has reopened nuclear fuel plants that will help escalate their weapon power against enemies, specifically the United States. As America, and the rest of the world, was un-phased by these claims, Kim Jung Un released a photo of their first nuclear rocket and promised the world, “this picture was totally not photoshopped whatsoever.”

The rocket is seen to the right of the picture, next to a white unicorn and random toaster that happens to be popping evenly browned toast at the exact moment the photo was taken. While the rocket seems to have windows and resemble a cartoon spaceship from the ’60s, North Korea assured the world that the rocket was 102% real. The extra two percent because “Kim Jong-un loves the number two.”

To the left, Kim Jung-un and his general — along with a basketball player about to dunk a basketball — are applauding the amazing looking rocket. Kim Jong-un has said, “If I wanted to, I could send this rocket right to the moon, back, and land it right on the White House in less than 20 minutes.”

In response to the threat, President Obama laughed so hard he accidentally sharted.

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