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Now Republicans want Refugees to Cross Our Borders… the Reason is INSANE

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Republicans are changing the tides for Syrian refugees. They’re encouraging as many refugees as possible to cross out borders. Ted Cruz has said, “Bring them in and bring them in fast.”

Why is this happening?


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See why Republicans want refugees in the United States.

The Background


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After one the deadliest attacks on French soil was perpetrated by the Islamic Terrorist group ISIS last week, a coalition of Republican governors vowed they would block any and all Syrian refugees from immigrating to their respective states. The governors made this brave declaration despite having no formal authority over such issues in an effort to prove they were tough on orphans and widows of war torn nations.



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However, President Barack Obama recently reclassified the mass of Syrian refugees as “potential gun customers,” leading the Republican party to immediately introduce a bill into Congress that would fast track refugee immigration into the United states.

“It is my firmly held belief that all men, women, and children deserve not just a safe environment in which to live, but also the ability to shoot big ass guns and feel cool and powerful,” Obama told reporters earlier this week.

“And that is why, by executive order, I am granting all Syrian refugees 2nd amendment rights, and reclassifying them as ‘Potential Gun Customers.’”