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Obama Considers Changing Constitution to Run a Third Time

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(Photo by Getty / SAUL LOEB )

(Photo by Getty / SAUL LOEB )

Following comments he made on Tuesday concerning his ability to win a theoretical third presidential election, President Barack Obama has started seriously considering altering the constitution to make serving a third term a possibility.

In a press conference held today, an increasingly aloof yet combative Obama outlined to reporters his plans for another four years in office.

“Obviously, the first step would be signing an executive order to change the stupid Constitution so I could serve as many terms as I wanted, and, since I would already be altering it, I would do away with the 2nd amendment, too,” the President was quoted as saying, while smoking a cigarette and ashing it on a signed copy of Ronald Reagan’s 1990 autobiography, An American Life.

Stripping Americans of the right to bear arms would be essential for Obama’s plans to install an islamic, communist dictatorship. In Obama’s own words, “We’re gonna take away your guns and, since you won’t be able to defend yourselves, make you practice Islam. And gay, we’re also going to force you to be gay.”

Some of the President’s other plans for a third term include an amendment that would make it illegal for white people to own land and mandatory abortions for all registered republican women.

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