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Obama Forced To Resign as “Inpeach Obama” Facebook page Reaches 5000 Likes

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President Obama was forced to resign from office as an “Inpeach Obama” Facebook page reached 5,000 likes, yesterday. The page’s creator, Terry HatesKweers Barton seemed overjoyed by the news, responding “he’s lucky we didn’t” followed by the man in a turban emoji, hand gun emoji, and the skull emoji and then 12 American flag emojis.

Though the resignation may come as a shock, careful social media watchers could have seen the writing on the wall. The Obama camp was in trouble as early as August when a meme surfaced showing the president photoshopped next to Darth Vader with a caption that read “The Stupidity is Strong With this One.”

Tensions continued to rise after an image of Yosemite Sam saying “Tell Us the Truth About Benghazi You Mooslim Varmint” began circulating last month, but still the Obama’s remained naively optimistic.

“We knew all these conservative memes were a threat to the President,” White House chief of staff Denis McDonough, told reporters “We thought, maybe the ‘Inpeach Obama’ page would get 600, 700 likes, at most, but to get 5,000 and trigger an automatic Impeachment, we never saw it coming.”

Top Republican strategist and former Bush advisor Karl Rove believes the end of the Obama Presidency is fitting.

“Just like they never took threats to our National Security seriously, this administration didn’t handle online attacks with the kind of decisive force required from a leader,” Rove said, while sifting through job offers from white supremacist super PAC’s.

“I remember once an old email chain letter went around claiming that Dick Cheney paid for his Ranch in Wyoming with money stolen from Iraqi children. We traced the IP that the original email was sent from and had them brutally killed. Nipped it right in the bud.”

The nation can now look forward to a little over a year of a Joe Biden presidency. Early reports indicate Biden intends to turn the entire West Wing of the White House into a state of the art Laser Tag Arena.

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