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Obama to Make Financial Aid “As Easy as Obamacare Website”

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“What could go wrong?”


President obama smiling and talking at press conference

Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

President Obama will soon announce plans to help bolster financial aid for college students. So far, Obama has announced that students will be able to apply for financial aide three months earlier than before, allowing them to see reality of their crippling debt sooner.

Obama also plans to make financial aid as “easy as the Obamacare website.” He plans to mimic the success of the Affordable Care’s online portal by hiring Kathleen Sebelius, the woman who was in charge of the website until recently when resigning her post. The resignation came as a surprise, as the website was going super well.

Now, people are beginning to see the bigger picture: Sebelius’s success at creating a webpage that millions of Americans could use without long waits or frustration, will help her in a financial aid project that we’re certain will move swimmingly.

Obama also plans to appoint Hillary Clinton to handle all of the website’s confidential information.

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