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Ohio May Legalize Weed to Help Residents Forget They Live in Ohio

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Ohio plans to double its tourism to two. Two tourists a year.

(Photo by shutterstock / creative commons)

(Photo by shutterstock / creative commons)

Ohio, a state that you probably forgot about, have such awesome destinations as…they have great cities. Ugh. Cleveland?

Okay, that’s the point. Ohio sucks. And to help draw in tourism and get residents to forget they live in such a bore-ass state, they’re trying to legalize weed. Not bad for a state that named a football team after the color of poop.

Ohio, with the lame motto of “With God, All Things are Possible,” is trying to bring a billion dollar industry into a suffering economy. Currently Ohio biggest industry is boredom, producing it for hours on end. In a close second, Ohio’s Juggalo manufacturing is still a somewhat prosperous business, however Indiana and Michigan are both leading in that field.

The biggest hope for the weed industry is to help Ohio residents forget they’re living there. “Weed will help people deal with the pain of living in Ohio,” said Secretary of State Jon Husted. “I mean, I have a great job and a good life, yet somehow living here just makes me want to die.”

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