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Ohio Votes No to Being Cool

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Ohio Welcome Sign

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This week Ohio voted down a proposal to legalize weed for recreational and medical use, subsequently also voting to reject coolness and to be the same lame midwest state it has always been.

Ohio residents agreed that they didn’t want to be the first Mid-West state to fully legalize weed and be chill for once. Instead they demanded they continue to be lame, like everyone else, and totally kill the buzz of a bunch of Pink Floyd fans.

Surrounding states let out a resounding laugh at how much of a dweeb Ohio is being right now. Illinois, who is moving forward with medical marijuana use, has released a statement saying, “Ohio, you used to be cool, back in the day. But now you’re worse than Indiana and Mississippi combined. That’s bad, bro. I just hope Colorado doesn’t hear about this.”

Lucky for Ohio, Colorado didn’t hear about it because the entire state slept 3 hours too late and had to rush to band practice before the lead singer kicked them out. California however, did hear about it, scoffed and just said, “Typical.”

Ugh, California you’re so cool.

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