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Only One Week Left to Stall Losing Weight for the Summer

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Stall, fatty.


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The last excuse of the summer is always the easiest one. What’s the point of working out and eating right if summer is almost over anyway? This is the question all fat slobs are asking these days.

Do you want to look slim in your huge, padded winter coat? You could put on another fifty pounds before anyone would notice you put on some weight in one of those jackets.

You could focus, stay disciplined, work out and eat right for the rest of the summer. Or you could actually enjoy yourself. Gorge yourself at those final few barbecues, eat two or three brunches a day outside, get ice cream every night. That way, you don’t need to worry about gaining weight around the holidays because you’re already huge. Boom.

What we’re saying is, life is short so enjoy the rest of the summer, fatty.

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