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Opinion: Apple Needs to Kill the Virus That’s Stopping Me from Getting Tinder Matches

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man with braces and mutton chops on tinder

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My iPhone is broken and no one at Apple seems to care. For over 3 months I have been an active user of the dating app, Tinder. I log on everyday and everyday I swipe right on approximately 100 women. And yet, due to some sort of virus or bug, I have yet to match with a single person.

I’ve tried every troubleshooting technique I could think of. I reset my phone, deleted and re-downloaded the app, and even removed my protective case for fear that it was interfering with my phone’s connection to the internet. And yet, whenever I take my phone to the Apple store and try and address this problem with a member of their staff, I am always laughed out of the establishment. One employee even suggested my teeth and facial hair were to blame, which frankly doesn’t make sense. After I did some online research I found no link between having adult braces, mutton chops and Tinder software malfunctioning.

What’s especially troubling about this particular virus is that it doesn’t seem to only affect tinder. My OkCupid account is also disabled in a similar manner, as are all the text messages I have sent to my co-worker at Gamestop, Jessica. In both cases, even though my phone indicates my repeated messages have been read, I have yet to receive a single response.

It’s about time Apple did something about this problem or I’m taking my business to Android.

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