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Opinion: Fresh-Faced Candidate Could Deliver New Era of Politics

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“Who is this guy?”

I’m no political expert. I’m just a regular, concerned citizen, but even I know the 2016 presidential election is shaping up to be nothing but political retreads. From the frontrunners to the minor candidates, most of these people are the establishment, with no fresh ideas, many of whom owe their political success to nepotism. But I have found the solution, over the past week rumors have started circulating that a total political outsider might enter the race. That man’s name: Al Gore.

The famous documentary filmmaker Al Gore? That’s the one. Gore is perfect. He’s a passionate environmentalist and shrewd venture capitalist, making money investing in Google early and serving on that company’s board of directors. It’s almost crazy to think that a man so accomplished, intelligent and comfortable in the public eye hasn’t run for office yet!

A quick look at some of the current candidates will show you exactly how much better suited Gore is than them.

George Pataki is a dinosaur, he was New York’s governor when I was in grade school. Rand Paul is just following in his dad’s libertarian footsteps. Hillary’s problematic in that regard too, I mean she was first lady and used the cache that position got her to launch her own political career.
Jeb Bush is the worst of all! His dad and brother were president and he was governor of Florida when that state was heavily contested in that contested election. Their shady maneuvering practically handed George W. Bush the victory over… who was that? I can’t remember right now but it was really messed up.

One can only hope that this total political outsider, Al Gore, can make this country great again. Do you agree? SHARE this article.