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OPINION: Yuccies are trying to have careers AND enjoy them? Despicable!

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I don’t know about you, but I was raised with the idea that if you’re going to work a job, you need to hate it. Why else would Garfield hate Mondays so much?

I’m a baby boomer, and I was raised to build a career that sucks my soul dry until all that’s left of me is a hollow shell of a man with an unrecognizable face. What’s wrong with that?

And here are these Millennials, calling themselves “Yuccies.” They are “Young Urban Creatives,” taking jobs that allow them to be creative while still making a good salary. Ha! Careers that fulfill them? Talk about a load of horse hockey! What’s next? Waiting until your life and career are established before getting married? Having one kid, at the most, to conserve land and resources? YOU MUST BE OUT OF YOUR MINDS!

What happened to the young hipsters I used to know, stinted by economic downfall, drawing huge loans they could never afford to pay. Those were the days. Now I have to hear about a generation focused on making their lives and the lives of others more enjoyable. That’s not what it’s about, people! It’s about suffering through everyday until any type of morale is beaten out of you and the only thing that looks, at all, comforting is a six foot grave.

Kids these days, am I right?

Opinion By Richard Derrin of Kansas City, MO.