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10 Other Times Chase Utley Ruined Everything

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The LA Dodgers’ Chase Utley has drawn the ire of Mets fans following the second baseman’s illegal slide into Ruben Tejada during a National League Division Series playoff game. The slide, which lifelong Queens resident Frankie DiFrankio called “the dirtiest friggin’ play I ever seen in my life,” resulted in a fractured leg for the unlucky Tejada. Though the MLB has suspended Utley for two games, his appeal will not be heard until after the series concludes. To assist the MLB during their upcoming hearing, we at the Farce Report have dug up some other questionable behavior Utley has exhibited in the past.

Chase Utley being an idiot

What a dick. Credit: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Here are 10 other times Chase Utley has ruined everything.


The Liberty Bell

Liberty bell

Credit: Joseph Kaczmarek-Pool/Getty Images; Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Legend has it the Liberty Bell was cracked shortly after it’s creation in 1752. Don’t believe that fairy tale. It was actually Chase Utley and his complete disrespect for American History that cracked it.

Happy Birthday

Utley sliding in a birthday cake

Credit: istock/Robert Ingelhart; Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

That poor baby was enjoying his first birthday cake until someone ruined it. That someone was none other than Chase Utley who has a habit of visiting small children’s birthday parties and sliding into their cakes. When asked to explain the reasoning behind this habit, Utley simply said, “seeing babies sad makes me happy.”